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Extend your membership and benefits with GPA and the St. Louis Regional Chapter.

Membership: Membership


Ranges from $92 per year (Student Membership) to $220 per year (Professional Membership)

Membership in GPA is annual and entitles you to all the member benefits, including opportunities for continuing education; access to professional publications and resources; networking with contacts in your community and around the world; financial benefits such as discounts to grant training, software, office supplies, insurance and more; and pride in belonging to the largest professional association in the grant profession.


$25.00 per year

In order to join the St. Louis Chapter, you must have a Primary Membership (i.e.. Professional, Entry-Level, Student, Retiree, or Legacy) to GPA National. You will have an option to join the St. Louis Regional Chapter at an added cost of $25 when you sign up to become a member of GPA National.


Renew you GPA and/or St. Louis Chapter membership

Membership in GPA is annual and entitles you to all member benefits. You will receive a renewal reminder by email each year approximately one month before your membership is set to expire. You can renew your membership online, or by mail or email.

What is the difference between GPA and GPA St. Louis?

Grant Professionals Association (GPA)

GPA is the “main,” national body of GPA. GPA and its affiliates work to advance the profession, certify professionals, and fund professionalism. Sometimes we might refer to this entity as GPA national or GPA headquarters. All members of GPA are members of this national body. This is also the primary entity that puts on GrantSummit, a national annual conference for grant professionals; sends out GrantNews Weekly, a weekly e-newsletter; hosts GrantZone, the online community where members can ask questions; and hosts GrantSchool, a library of FREE training resources. You must be logged in to your member account on GPA's website to access these benefits.

St. Louis Regional Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association
(St. Louis GPA - that's us!)

St. Louis GPA is a local chapter of GPA national. We host local professional development events, networking opportunities, and a regional grants conference. We also publish a quarterly e-newsletter called CharacterCounts. You must be a member of GPA national to join a local chapter, but you are not automatically a local chapter member when you join GPA. If you are unsure about whether you are a chapter member or want to become a chapter member, reach out Kelli Romero at GPA Headquarters.


Bonus: If you want to ensure you get communication and updates from GPA St. Louis (whether you are a chapter member or not), please add us to your address book. Our primary email addresses are and


You can also follow us on LinkedIn for more great content, updates, and networking with the local grant professional community!

What is GPCI and GPF?

Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI)

GPCI administers the nationally recognized Grant Professional Certified (GPC) credential to grant professionals who meet eligibility requirements and successfully demonstrate proficiency in the required competencies. The GPC certification is based on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world demands of grant professionals. GPC-credentialed grant professionals demonstrate excellence in the grants profession and, on average, report higher earnings than those without the credential.


Did you know that our chapter member Amy Lottes serves as a GPCI Ambassador? If you have questions about getting your GPC, reach out to Amy

Grant Professionals Foundation (GPF)

GPF provides scholarships to individuals to advance their careers. When we do our annual fundraising appeal, we are raising funds for GPF. Check out their website for information on membership, conference, and certification scholarships.

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